Will My Back Pain Go Away On Its Own?

Will My Back Pain Go Away On Its Own?

Sciatica Pain in Huntersville NC

If you are struggling with back pain, you’re in good company. It is estimated that 80 percent of people will suffer from back pain at one point or another in their lives, many with chronic pain. Back pain is the second most commonly cited reason for doctor’s office visits, (upper respiratory infections are the top reason).

Why Is My Back Hurting?

Most back pain is non-organic, meaning it stems from a strained muscle, ruptured disc, or irritated joint instead of from a serious condition such as cancer, inflammatory arthritis or an infection or fracture.

Your back probably hurts because something fundamental is out of alignment. Your back is supposed to remain in a particular alignment, and when it is out of alignment for any period of time, vulnerabilities arise. Because your back is misaligned, any of the following can cause muscles to seize up, clenching like a fist:

  • Twisting the wrong way or moving suddenly
  • A sports injury
  • An accident
  • Arthritis
  • Poor posture
  • Pressure due to obesity
  • Weakening of muscles and organs due to disease or inactivity

Back injuries are common; they are part of everyday life. The spine is quite adaptive and is very adept at dealing with the misuse we dole out when we slouch, sit improperly or pick things up the wrong way. Minor injuries go without notice, healing within a day or two, but these little injuries add up, and continuous wear and tear adds up. After a while, the pain begins to remain, and some problems compound, growing in severity until they become impossible to ignore.

Will My Back Pain Go Away?

Whatever happened to trigger your back pain, it is unlikely that it will simply resolve itself. Muscles need to be relaxed or to heal; the spine requires attention in order to combat the constant pressure that comes from aching, contracting muscles and strained ligaments or bulging discs. In some cases, the spine has lost its flexibility, making it rigid and prone to injury instead of flexible and adaptable.

Doctors used to believe back pain would just resolve itself. However, a recent study shows that untreated back pain may lessen temporarily but usually returns (worse). This study concluded that over 33 percent of those who experience lower back pain suffer for more than a month. Of the people who reported low back pain for the 30 days or more, only 9 percent were pain-free when surveyed five years later.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

You probably already know it isn’t enough to take muscle relaxants and hope for the best. Something is fundamentally off, causing your back to be vulnerable to strain. Many of our patients experience significant pain relief soon after beginning treatment. Why? Because the spine responds well to chiropractic adjustments, which restore the spine to the alignment it naturally wants to maintain.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation is respected as a safe and effective way to both acute and chronic back pain. Complementary acupuncture works to reduce pain and enhance your body’s ability to handle the discomfort. Most patients are able to decrease pain medications and find the chiropractic treatments enhance physical therapy, producing quick results.

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