Suffering from Mid-Back Pain? Why Chiropractic Can Help

Suffering from Mid-Back Pain? Why Chiropractic Can Help

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Have you ever woken up with your mid-back in a spasm? It’s terrible, isn’t it? You can hardly breathe and even the smallest movements are agonizing. You feel like even rolling over or crawling for help will be too painful.

If you’re experiencing mid-back pain, you have probably suffered from one of the following:

1. Rib Misalignment

This is also known as a rib head subluxation. Your ribs wrap around your chest and connect to the spine, forming a joint. Injuries, muscle weakness, poor posture, incorrect lifting, or any combination of these factors can cause the ribs to slide backwards and slightly inwards towards the spine. This usually feels like a severe muscular knot approximately two inches to the left or right of the spine, close to the shoulder blade. The muscles of the back spasm in response, tightening to protect your body from the misalignment causing any of the following: difficulty breathing, pain radiating along the affected rib to the front of the chest, pain in the front of the chest, pain up to the neck, or radiating pain/tingling/numbness down the arm or into the hand. This pain can be severe and often people will end up rushing to the hospital ER because they are convinced they are having a heart attack.

When you find out it’s not a heart attack, come into my chiropractic office and I’ll adjust you, getting you realigned, and you’ll be relieved to see that pain (and worry about your heart) disappear.

2. Spinal Misalignment of the Mid-Back

The spine itself can become misaligned exactly where it hurts, irritating muscles, nerves, and ligaments in that area.The pelvis and low back are the foundation of your spine. When it becomes misaligned, it can create misalignment of the mid back. The neck can cause the same.

3. Spinal Misalignment of the Neck or Low Back

Often a pain in the mid-back is a compensation for misalignment of the low back and pelvis, or in the neck. These areas can become misaligned and the mid back acts like a ‘kinking point’ for these issues. The spine is connected, and in this case the trouble with the mid back won’t be relieved until the true cause of the problem elsewhere is corrected.

What Should You Do If You Have Mid-Back Pain?

Chiropractic adjustments easily remedy all of these conditions. The problems stem from misalignments, so a simple adjustment can set you right again. Of course, whatever conditions caused the initial misalignment need to be addressed, and you will probably need to take actions to improve your posture, strengthen your core, and get adjustments from time to time to get your body used to being in proper alignment. However, mid-back pain is easy to cure – assuming you invest time getting properly aligned and using our massage table to relax muscles (and prevent the misalignment from repeating itself.)

Looking for Mid-Back Pain Relief in Huntersville NC?

Give us a call or use our online contact form to book an appointment. Dr. Doyle knows exactly what to do to remedy mid-back pain. We’re back pain specialists! Stop by our office to talk through your specific back condition and to create a plan for recovery today.

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