Prevent and Heal Sports Injuries Through Chiropractic

Prevent and Heal Sports Injuries Through Chiropractic

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The good news is adults, teens, children and even senior citizens are participating in sports and fitness classes at a higher rate than previous generations. Our society is recognizing the health problems that come from inactivity, and as a result adults that would have just worked their jobs and then sat in front of the TV all night are now training for triathlons and attending classes such as CrossFit and Boot Camp.

The bad news is a lot of us are not physically prepared for the sports activities we undertake. We watch shows like The Biggest Loser and get the impression that our bodies can handle us diving into intense exercise when we have been sedentary for most of our lives. We push ourselves beyond what our bodies are ready to handle and we don’t figure out that it’s a problem until we get injured.

Why So Many Injuries?

Most bones, joints and connective tissues are vulnerable to injury when pushed too hard. Most of us don’t receive instruction from qualified professionals, and even some of the fitness instructors leading classes and teams pride themselves in challenging people to do more than they should.

Some of the most common causes of sports related injuries are:

  • Overreaching
  • Pushing too hard
  • Ignoring signals that you are about to hit your limit
  • Competing with your peers (instead of setting and honoring personal goals)
  • Charging into a workout plan without gentle, gradual buildup of strength and flexibility
  • Working out before you have fully recuperated from a previous workout or from an injury
  • Exercising hard without breaks in between sessions to allow your muscles to repair

Looking for a Huntersville Sports Chiropractor?

As a sports and fitness advocate, I have personally worked with athletes from the Carolina Panthers, Carolina Hornets, Charlotte Knights, NASCAR and other college, high school and weekend warriors in many different sports and levels. I believe every athlete of every level needs a good chiropractor to guide them as they build strength and protect themselves against injury.

As a chiropractor, I am fully equipped to provide both injury prevention and injury recovery services. When your body is in proper alignment, your body can heal faster and more completely. I also provide complementary acupuncture treatments that facilitate optimal body function, natural pain inhibitors and rapid healing.

Stop by for a complimentary office visit to discuss your sports and fitness goals. We’ll discuss your overall health, determine what a healthy, challenging plan looks like, and then will develop a supportive chiropractic plan that empowers you to perform optimally.

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