Beyond a Flu Vaccine: 5 Ways to Beat the Flu Naturally

Beyond a Flu Vaccine: 5 Ways to Beat the Flu Naturally

Ways to Treat the Flu Naturally in Huntersville NC

How To Beat The Flu Naturally

No matter what time of year it is, it seems the looming presence of the flu is always around the corner. If you’re someone who would rather skip the over-the-counters without becoming dependent on a tissue box, finding natural remedies for the flu is the way to go. Keep reading to find out how you can kick your sickness in the butt — naturally!

Have Good Immunity

The key to feeling your best is keeping your immune system in top shape. Although you can’t have perfect immunity, having a strong immune system boosts your body’s ability to fight colds and prevent them before they affect you. Take a look at this article on more specifics about the immune system, and how you can take steps to boost yours naturally.


When you’re sick, the best thing you can do is sleep and let your body do its thing. This is because the body has to use energy to fight the illness. Sleeping gives your body time to focus on crucial healing, and sleep is necessary to keep all the cells in your body functioning properly. A tip for sleep after you have contracted the flu: use an extra pillow. Keeping your head elevated and at an angle allows for easier drainage of all that yucky stuff that makes you feel stuffy, and the sooner that clears out, the better. Even if you’re not sick, maintaining healthy sleeping habits is crucial to your overall immune health, which is important, as you know.


Good news! Sinus gunk from the flu is no match to this simple concoction you can make with natural ingredients you probably already have around the house. When you’re facing the first stuffy nose of flu season, simply mix ¼ teaspoon of salt and ¼ teaspoon of baking soda into 8 ounces of warm water, then use a nasal wash system like this one to squirt the solution into the nose 2-3 times per nostril. This method, while not the most enjoyable, is certainly effective, as it not only breaks up congestion but also removes harmful virus particles and bacteria from your nasal passageways, which will help you feel better, sooner.

Food Fighters

Your diet plays an infinitely important role in the health of your body. The foods you choose to eat have a direct impact on the functionality of your cells and the strength of your immunity. In partnership with keeping a balanced diet, you can use certain foods to specifically target your flu symptoms. Unfortunately, the flu brings much more than just a head cold to the table, so if you find yourself dealing with an upset stomach, try eating banana and rice to ease your tummy troubles.

A Skilled Chiropractor

Just like your immunity, your spine is super important to your wellbeing. Having a properly aligned spine means that your body will be able to work at the best of its ability, which means you’ll get sick less AND be more comfortable overall since a properly aligned spine relieves back pain as well. Check out this informative article on preventative chiropractic treatment to learn more about how a chiropractic adjustment can help you. Along with adjustments, some chiropractors offer acupuncture. Acupuncture targets specific spots in your body to aid healing and alleviate pain, which is perfect for the aches and pains that tag along with the flu.

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