Read Huntersville chiropractor reviews for Dr. Geoffrey Doyle.

“I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Doyle and his staff! I worked for him for almost five years, and after I left to raise my daughter he still continues to provide for me and my family! He is genuine and truly cares about all his patients, past and present. It’s always so comforting to walk into his office and see smiling faces! Every time I’m in the area I always make it a point to go by his office.”

~ Kristen Helms Burton

“I was hesitant to see a chiropractor after having broken my back in 2008, however, Dr. Doyle put all my fears and hesitations to rest. He uses a gentile yet effective technique and within just a few visits I was already beginning to feel relief. I thought it was just muscle pain, however no amount of massage could ever relieve the pain I was feeling. I was so excited the day I was washing dishes at my sink and realized I wasn’t having to lean on the counter for support. I’m a true believer now and would recommend Dr. Doyle to everyone, especially those who feel like they’ve tried it all. For me it wasn’t an overnight change, it took time, but it was definitely worth the effort and wait.”

~ Cheri Shuster Contes

“Best chiropractor around! Super nice staff, they make you feel like family when you go in.”

~ Candace Nance

“My four-month-old son would cry for hours, unable to be consoled. My pediatrician referred us to Dr. Doyle for chiropractic care. After three visits, my son was happier and slept through the night. I strongly recommend Doyle Chiropractic & Acupuncture!”

~ Emily

“During the first few years of my son’s life, he had numerous ear infections. After rounds of antibiotics and a failed set of tubes, I was lost. I finally decided to try chiropractic. After only a few chiropractic visits, he has not had a single problem since. I truly appreciate what treatment has done for my son and my only regret is not seeking chiropractic care long before his first set of tubes.”

~ Lacy

“Best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Doyle and his staff are very nice and attentive to every patients needs.”

~ Jonathan Wilson

“My three-month-old son was always constipated. It was so hard to see him suffer and to constantly give him suppositories. After getting adjusted, he is going on his own with no problems. I know he isn’t hurting anymore, thanks to Dr. Doyle.”

~ Ashley

“First and foremost, Geoff really cares about his patients. The work he does is just amazing. He lets the Lord guide him and it shows. I cannot imagine our lives without his help.”

~ Brie-anne Wilson

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