Pediatric Chiropractic Care

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.”

Ensure that your child reaches his or her full potential and lives a life of optimal health.

As reflected in this report to the World Health Organization (WHO), chiropractic care is growing in popularity. Why? Because chiropractic care offers natural, medication-free alternatives to a population that is tired of over-medicating and/or masking symptoms through the use of medications.

Dr. Doyle is a father of three children. As such, he is committed to providing safe and gentle pediatric treatments.

Pediatric Chiropractic FAQs

The following are commonly asked questions.

What Does a Pediatric Chiropractor Do When Examining a New Patient?
Chiropractors spend years of highly specialized training learning how to locate the impingement of nerves (due to misaligned vertebrae). These nerves travel out through the spinal column to the muscles, organs and glands of the body. After taking a thorough case history the doctor of chiropractic analyzes the child’s body for vertebral subluxations (spinal misalignments and nerve stress) using his or her hands and other analysis tools. Treatments options and questions are then discussed with the parent.

What Do Pediatric Chiropractic Treatments Look Like?
Using highly specialized techniques, the chiropractor gently realigns the misplaced vertebrae, releasing pressure on the nerves. This is called a spinal adjustment. Pediatric adjustments are low-force and very safe.

As a father, Dr. Doyle understands how important it is to use the most gentle adjustment techniques.

How Does a Baby or Child Get Spinal Nerve Stress (Subluxations)?
Simple answer: stress. Stress may occur during a difficult birth or from an injury or childhood fall. Emotional tension, sports injuries or even dietary stress can gradually cause damage to your spine. The resulting irritation can be the cause of many newborn and childhood health conditions.

What Kinds of Health Ailments Are Associated With Nerve Stress?
Colic, nursing difficulties, constipation, ear infections, breathing problems, reflux, headaches, sleep disturbances, digestive dysfunction, stomach pain, allergic reactions, attention and focus issues and physical or emotional development delays can often be traced to nerve system damage.

When Should a Child be Checked by a Chiropractor?
Significant spinal trauma can occur during the birthing process. It is beneficial and completely safe to have a newborn checked to remove stress caused during birth.

As your infant grows and reaches new development milestones, it is important to have your child regularly checked. Just like you would not miss a dental or eye exam, regular spinal well checks with your chiropractor ensure your child’s health is protected.

Remember: we only get one spine. It is vital to take care of the one we have!

What Happens to the Child Who is Not Checked and Adjusted?
Birth to adolescent is a period of rapid growth and development. If neglected, spinal stress may lead to more serious problems in life. Subtle trauma during childhood will affect the future development of the spine, which may contribute to impaired nervous system function. This adversely affects the body’s ability to function optimally.

How Many Adjustments Will Be Necessary?
The frequency of visits and length of treatment plan depend completely on the findings of the exam and the baby or child’s response to the adjustments. It is important to remember that chiropractic is different than medicine. The adjustment is not a cure but rather a support to your child’s natural healing abilities. The plan will be uniquely tailored to fit the needs of your child. Your chiropractor will guide you through the process, answering questions and explaining techniques so you always know what is happening and what to expect.

My Child is Already Under Care of a Physician. Are Adjustments Safe to Add to Existing Care?
Absolutely, yes! Having spinal nerve stress corrected is important no matter other kind of care your child is receiving. MDs and other healers are not trained in detecting and correcting spinal nerve stress. Chiropractic should be a part of your family’s healthcare regimen to obtain optimal wellness and prevent disease.

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